Cities/Towns: Cooperstown
Transcription of the 1875 NY Census data for the Wedderspoon Family of Otsego, New York.
1875 NY Census--Wedderspoon Family
New York State Census, Otsego County, Otsego: 1875.
Transcribed and edited data for James Wedderspoon from the 1875 New York State census, agricultural schedule.
1875 NY Census--Wedderspoon Farm
New York State Census, Otsego County, Otsego: 1875.
Advertisement for Dr. Thrall's Pharmacy.
Advertisement for Dr. Thrall's Pharmacy
Freeman's Journal (Cooperstown, NY). 23 February 1835.
Wooden bucket.
Guests at the opening of the new cow barn at Fenimore Farm.
Freight voucher for DJ Hartford & Sons.
Four tickets representing the number of boxes picked by a hops picker.
Letter to Misters Scipp & Schumann from Hinds & Allen.
Two Merit slips from Cooperstown, NY.
Milk bottle from Fenimore Farm.
Milk Bottle
Gift of C.R. Jones
Cover of Phinney's Calendar for 1878.
Phinney's Calendar or Western Almanac
Herman Poole. Phinney's Calendar or Western Almanac. Cooperstown, NY: Willard A. Cockett, 1878.