Economics: Printing Office
California job case filled with type.
Front page of 25 April 2005 issue of Country Folks newspaper.
Country Folks
Country Folks Eastern Edition (Palatine Bridge, NY). 25 April 2005.
Hoe Washington Press.
Roll of newsprint paper attached to web offset press.
Front page of 7 October 1871 Otsego Democrat newspaper.
Otsego Democrat
Otsego Democrat (Oneonta, NY). 7 October 1871.
Cover of Phinney's Calendar for 1878.
Phinney's Calendar or Western Almanac
Herman Poole. Phinney's Calendar or Western Almanac. Cooperstown, NY: Willard A. Cockett, 1878.
Web offset press.
Wood type, letters A, Y, W, O, N, S.