Economics: Money
Cover of Cobb's New Juvenile Reader No. III.
Cobb's New Juvenile Reader
Lyman Cobb. Cobb's New Juvenile Reader, No. III. New York: Caleb Bartlett, 1846.
Title page of Daboll's Schoolmaster's Assistant.
Daboll's Schoolmaster's Assistant
Nathan Daboll. Daboll's Schoolmaster's Assistant...Being a Plain Practical System of Arithmetick. Ithaca, NY: Mack, Andrus and Woodruff, 1841.
March 6, 1878 diary entry written by Marshall Fairbanks.
Todd's General Store with porch.
General store pulley.
Village Post Office by Thomas Waterman Wood. Painting of interior of a general store.
Village Post Office
Gift of Stephen C. Clark