Community: School
1870 US Census data for the Wilder family.
1870 US Census--Wilder Family
United States Federal Census, New York, Franklin County, Burke: 1870...
Cover of Cobb's New Juvenile Reader No. III.
Cobb's New Juvenile Reader
Lyman Cobb. Cobb's New Juvenile Reader, No. III. New York: Caleb Bartlett, 1846.
Title page of Daboll's Schoolmaster's Assistant.
Daboll's Schoolmaster's Assistant
Nathan Daboll. Daboll's Schoolmaster's Assistant...Being a Plain Practical System of Arithmetick. Ithaca, NY: Mack, Andrus and Woodruff, 1841.
Diary entries from July 1860 to May 1861 written by Ann Scutt.
Stoneware inkwell.
Two Merit slips from Cooperstown, NY.
School slate with reproduction slate pencil.