Objects & Documents: Artifact
Two splint baskets printed with potato-stamped designs.
Seed bag.
Broadcast Seeding Bag
Gift of Earl and Phyllis Van Alstine
Stoneware butter churn with wooden dasher.
Wooden butter stamp.
Wooden calf muzzle.
Calf Muzzle
William B. Sprague Collection, Gift of Stephen C. Clark
California job case filled with type.
Wooden cheese press.
Iron chopping knife with wooden handle.
Church bell.
Down spout on the front, left corner of the More House.
Wooden two-piece flail.
Gift of Ivan and Marilyn Karp
Grain cradle.
Grain Cradle
Gift of Mrs. Ed Klock
Metal hay knife with wooden handle.
Hoe Washington Press.
Iron horseshoe.
Stoneware inkwell.
Black iron kettle.
Lintel above the window in a bedroom of the More House.
Milk bottle from Fenimore Farm.
Milk Bottle
Gift of C.R. Jones
Side view of milking stool.
Milking Stool
Gift of Gary White
Mortar with pestle.
Ox cart from the side.
Laxacola: The Great Tonic Laxative. Patent medicine bottle and box.
Blue and white import porcelain plate from China.
Bequest of William Festus Morgan
Horse or oxen-drawn plow.
Gift of Levi Yarter
Todd's General Store with porch.
General store pulley.
Balance scale.
Gift of Dr. T.H. Hughes
Seneca Beaded Bag, back.
Seneca Beaded Bag
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene V. and Clare E. Thaw
School slate with reproduction slate pencil.
Gift of George Duffy
Wooden staves.
Gift of W.D. Ceas
Wood type, letters A, Y, W, O, N, S.