Objects & Documents: Advertisement
Advertisement for Comstock's New Horticultural Implements.
Advertisement for Comstock's Horticultural Implements
American Agriculturalist 29 (1879), 118.
Advertisement for Deck Boat Service
Elisah Harrington, The Utica Directory No. 4. E.A. Maynard, Printer, 1833, 213.
Advertisement for Dr. Thrall's Pharmacy.
Advertisement for Dr. Thrall's Pharmacy
Freeman's Journal (Cooperstown, NY). 23 February 1835.
1950 Advertisement for John Deere tractors.
Advertisement for John Deere Tractors
American Agriculturalist 147 (2 December 1950), 19.
Catalog advertisement for Economy King Cream Separators in the 1917 Sears Roebuck Catalog.
Sears Roebuck Catalog Advertisement
"Economy King Cream Separators," Sears Roebuck Catalog, 1917, 1327.
Front page of the 9 April 2005 Wegmans circular.
Weekly Circular
Photo courtesy of Wegmans.