Image of wheat

Activity #3: Preservation of Agriculture in New York State
Agriculture has played a leading role in the economic history of New York. The trade of excess farm crops stems back to the first settlements of Europeans. Once they cleared the land they began growing wheat for export trade. As wheat farmers moved west, their fields turned to pastures for sheep and cattle farmers. These fields eventually became the base for a hay industry which supplied feed for horses in the states burgeoning cities.

At the close of the nineteenth century, dairy products became a leading market commodity in New York. Proximity to markets in the state's growing cities as well as the technological advancement in refrigerated transportation allowed New York farmers to be competitive in the agricultural market.

Milk is still the state's leading agricultural product. New York State is ranked third nationally behind California and Wisconsin as a leading producer of milk. In addition to dairying, the state's farmers have redefined their crop production to fulfill the demands of the agriculture market.

Question: What organizations have emerged to support the future of farming in New York?